About Us


Welcome to Lemme Plan, where our core belief is in unlocking the boundless potential within each individual. Founded by Sharan K., a former computer science engineer turned passionate self-growth advocate, Lemme Plan is a testament to the transformative power of intentional living. Our mission is clear: to empower individuals on their journey toward a more fulfilling life by providing practical guidance and a helping hand in embracing intentional and purposeful living.

The heart of Lemme Plan lies in the personal journey of our founder, Sharan K. Having experienced the toll of stress-induced disorders, she discovered solace in the therapeutic power of journaling. This personal transformation inspired the birth of Lemme Plan, a platform dedicated to assisting others in their self-growth journeys. Guided by core values such as authenticity, self-awareness, and intentional living, we are committed to fostering personal growth and well-being.

What sets Lemme Plan apart is not just the quality of our handmade products but our unwavering commitment to being Canadian-made. Each product, from gratitude journals to undated planners and Eisenhower matrix notepads, is a tangible tool crafted with care. More than just items for growth, they are infused with guidance for your personal journey toward self-discovery and intentional living. Join us at Lemme Plan, where we offer more than products – we provide the means to embrace self-care, cultivate self-awareness, foster personal growth, and truly live with intention.