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Self-awareness Journal

Self-awareness Journal

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Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and deepen your self-awareness? Introducing your self-awareness journal! It's your personal guide to understanding yourself better, navigating through emotions, and embracing growth every step of the way!


-Handbound with thread
-120gsm FSC-certified paper
-144 pages
-5.5 x 8.25-inch size
-Lay-flat binding
-12+Exercises & 90+Prompts
-Made in Canada


-Greater Emotional Intelligence
-Heightened Self-Reflection
-Deeper Self-Understanding
-Enhanced Decision Making
-Improved Self-Development

How to Use

-Prompts for self-reflection.
-Exercises to deepen self-awareness and understanding.
-Creative prompts to express inner thoughts.
-Understand other's perspectives for yourself and gain insights.

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