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Lemme Plan

Undated Planner

Undated Planner

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Feeling trapped by the constraints of traditional planners? Unable to find one that aligns perfectly with your unique schedule and priorities? Enter the Productive Days Undated Planner – your ticket to reclaiming control over your time and maximizing productivity like never before. With this versatile tool, you dictate the agenda, focus on what truly matters, and soar toward your goals with unwavering efficiency.



-Hand bound with thread
-120gsm FSC-certified paper
-236 pages
-Lay-flat binding
-2 Sticker sheets
-Monday start
-Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Layouts
-Lasts for six months
-Made in Canada


-Goal Setting and Tracking
-Flexibility in Planning
-Customized Time Management
-Increased Focus and Accountability

How to Use

-Begin by filling in the dates for the month or week you're starting with.
-Start each planning session by setting goals for the day, week, or month.
-Be realistic to avoid overloading your schedule.
-Review to track progress on tasks and goals.
-Reflect on what went well and what could be improved

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