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Lemme Plan

Vision Board Sticker Pack

Vision Board Sticker Pack

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Tired of keeping your dreams and goals hidden away in your mind? Ready to turn your aspirations into tangible reality? Whether it's mapping out your ideal future, setting intentions, or manifesting your desires, these sticker sheets empower you to visualize your dreams and take inspired action towards achieving them, one sticker at a time.


-11 Sticker sheets
-242 stickers+15 Blank stickers
-Allows for customization and flexibility
-High-quality glossy sticker sheets
-4.5x6 inch size of each sheet
-Inspirational quotes, images, and graphics


-Tangible way to visualize your dreams and goals.
-Visual representation of your aspirations.
-Gain clarity about what you truly want.
-Powerful manifestation tool.
-Keeps you on track and accountable.

How to Use

-Reflect on your goals, dreams, and aspirations.
-Collect your stickers and surface to place them on.
-Arrange your stickers.
-Visualize yourself achieving the goal.
-See it regularly.

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